Photographed by Viviane Sassen for Double Magazine

original photo Neave Bozorgi


217.  2014 60x60cm


Masculinity is so fragile.


Kim Jongwan on “Dark Love” corner of Tablo’s Dreaming Radio 140718


Jongwan: It happened to me once. My girlfriend found a photo of my ex-girlfriend in my belongings. I’m the type that usually don’t take photos. I didn’t feel the need to always take photos together. Because I can remember the memories anyway.

Tablo: *jokingly* So if your girlfriend says “Oppa let’s take a photo” then your manager would appear and say “You can’t take photos”. (laughters) Ah okay. So what happened then?

Jongwan: There was a photo when I was with my ex-girlfriend. It wasn’t a photo of us that we took together. It was a photo of her during a vacation and she gave it to me. And I have been keeping that with me. It was so long ago that I forgot about it. It was in this box that I kept my contracts in.

Tablo: (laughing) Contracts?!

Ha Dong Gyun: It must have been very important.

Jongwan: Sometimes you have those house agreements or company agreements, right. You know the movie Amelia? It was the DVD box of that movie and I put those things in it. After a very long time, my girlfriend opened the box thinking it was a DVD and found that photo.

Tablo: Together with your contracts?

Jongwan: Right, together with my contracts. So after that she asked me who was that. But still, I was happy. Because there wasn’t a lot of photos from those days, so it reminded me of the past. 

Tablo: But did you fight with your girlfriend about it?

Jongwan: It’s not something to fight about since it was something that happened almost 10 years ago.

Tablo: So she understood that it was just an old photo?

Jongwan: She perfectly did not understand that. I think women are like that. 

Tablo: I think guys are like that too. If we think about it oppositely.. let’s say you went to your girlfriend’s house and found a small box. When you opened it, you found photos of your girlfriend with other guys. Then what would you feel about that?

Jongwan: I’ve seen that myself and I didn’t feel anything.